Financial Regulations – A Must Read by Author RUCHI PRABHU

Well, it might have been bit long since Author Ruchi Prabhu got her book, FINANCIAL REGULATIONS released but the great part is that the book has still maintained it’s relevancy. In addition, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that a book like ‘Financial Regulations’ is evergreen when comes to studying the various aspects of Business Strategy & Market Performances!

Undoubtedly, the book is a Must-Read one and the good news is that it’s available on Amazon with FREE DELIVERY across India, even for Non-Prime Members (No minimum shopping of certain amount is required to avail this offer). Check out FINANCIAL REGULATIONS by Author Ruchi Prabhu on Amazon:

This book, FINANCIAL REGULATIONS is indeed a gift for all those people are inclined towards the Finance Sector. A very detailed account of the various financial institutes, functioning around the globe is presented in this book. This book really makes it easy for the ones who are looking to learn about stock market & investments in a very easy manner. As going by the book cover, we can see the glimpse of the subject-matter presented in this book and the Author RUCHI PRABHU had done a brilliant work with this book, truly making it Reading Worthy!

Readers had described this book as one of the best and most simplest book on the subject of ‘Financial Regulations’ as the book avoids too much jargon and explains it where it uses it. The book covers recent events like COVID 19 and developments, especially post the great financial crisis of 2008, and provides good information on the latest thinking around financial regulation, how to regulate and organizationally structure financial regulation. The book also gives you both sides of the arguments and therefore does not present a single view dogmatically, although the author do indicate which approach would probably work best. The Best thing about the book is the short story in the last chapter which makes a layman understand about financial concept in detail. A great book for intermediates, professionals and academic students.

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