NIVEDITA ROY’s Poetry Collection – Gallery De’ Heart is touching hearts across the Globe

Well, it might have been bit long since Author Nivedita Roy got her debut poetry collection book, GALLERY DE’ HEART released but the great part is that the book has still maintained it’s relevancy. In addition, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that a book like ‘Gallery De’ Heart’ is evergreen when comes to reading free-style poetry on various aspects of human life!

Undoubtedly, the book is a Must-Read one and the good news is that it’s available on Amazon with FREE DELIVERY across India, even for Non-Prime Members (No minimum shopping of certain amount is required to avail this offer). Check out GALLERY DE’ HEART by Author Nivedita Roy on Amazon:

The Book is available on all the top Online Shopping Platforms like Amazon, Kindle, Play Store, Google Books, Kobo & Goodreads. In addition, with it’s strong online presence, this incredible poetry collection is available in the physical bookstores too, across Delhi-NCR and in PUFFINS PUBLISHERS’ partner bookstore, The Reading Planet (TRP) in Goa. Well, the book has received some tremendous love from the readers across the Globe and is celebrated with highly appreciative reviews on Amazon & Goodreads!

This book, GALLERY DE’ HEART is indeed a gift from Author-Poet Nivedita Roy to the poetry lovers and readers, as these poems simply takes your heart away. And the poems in this book are genuinely sweet, beautiful and extremely emotional. A true Poetry-Lover can read this book on repeat and undoubtedly readers will find it satisfying as well as Reading-Worthy!

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