The Reading Planet (TRP) – PUFFINS PUBLISHERS’ Partner Bookstore In GOA

With the repeated occurrence of Lockdown, almost each of us are facing some kind of stress. Well, in such a scenario the habit of Book-Reading can be a marvellous cure for reducing our stress level. And, if you’re a reader or a book lover or someone who’s planning to initiate Book-Reading even for the very first time then it’s the best time for you to inculcate this incredible habit.

THE READING PLANET (TRP) Bookstore & Library, which was inaugurated in beginning of this year (9th January 2021) is a one stop solution for you to satisfy the reader inside you, if you’re residing in Goa or even visiting Goa. So, make sure to visit ‘The Reading Planet Bookstore & Library’ whenever make your Goa Trip. This bookstore has curated selection of books specially for children under 14 years. The best part being colorful and age appropriate books are kept for sale at the store. The place has book collection for adults as well. The store has great books, handpicked from different publishers.

So, do visit THE READING PLANET Bookstore & Library at BS14 Chandranath Apartments, Opposite Mapusa Police Station Mapusa-Goa.

PUFFINS PUBLISHERS PRIVATE LIMITED – A Global Hybrid Publishing House, registered under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Govt of India ( is an all time supporter of reading, writing & publishing. And as a publisher, Puffins Publishers Pvt Ltd has always promoted the habit of Book-Reading among the people of all ages. Therefore, PUFFINS PUBLISHERS PVT LTD tends to bring the books of their Authors into the hands of the readers across the country through their partner bookstores across India.

Both Puffins Publishers as well as The Reading Planet are making some joint efforts to bring the readers closer to the books; so do stay connected with them for many more books of various genres in the coming days!

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