BIHAR – Factors which lead to deterioration of the State

This socio-political article highlights the factors, which had lead to the deterioration of the state of Bihar over long frame of years, after the independence of the nation. Therefore, our Editorial Member, Er. BIPIN BIHARI SAHAY focuses on some very real & practical causes, which had resulted in the failure of the state.

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People may give several reasons like castism, low literacy, lack of minerals & industries, corruptions etc. But in root of all the reasons, only and the sole reason is Lack of Political Will.

If we recall the recall the recent history just 73 years ago (August 1947) , while the first meeting of the Chief Ministers of Uttar Pradesh, undivided Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal was called, then Chief Minister of Bihar Sri Krishna Singh instead of attending the meeting himself, Chief Secretary of the Bihar was asked to attend the same meeting. While their counterparts Sri Govind Ballabh Pant, Dr Bidhan Chandra Ray etc attended the meeting himself. This resulted lesser number steel-plants sanctioned to undivided Bihar.

Castism, low literacy etc are very petty issues. Once a strong political will is developed Bihar will be at par with other developed States of the India. I recall Sri Bhagwat Jha Azad then Chief Ministers, who was having high political will to reform Bihar, but couldn’t got reasonable time due to nasty politics of AICC during Indira Gandhi tenure as Prime Minister.

Sri Laloo Prasad Yadav was also a mass leader with high political will, but unfortunately he misutilised this opportunity. Sri Nitish Kumar is also a leader of high political will, though he is not a mass leader did a lot of good works for the development of the Bihar, during earlier innings of his political carrier. Later he failed to do so for the reasons only best known to him.

These are the apathetic situations with the present Bihar, who in earlier days happened to be the land of enlightenment not for India only Bharat, but entire world too.

Soil Of The Magadha – A Poetry from the book, VOICE FROM THE EAST

“The deterioration of the state of Bihar has always been a major issue, not just for the ‘Biharis’ but also for the nation! It’s unfortunate to see how badly the innocent Biharis are treated outside the state, when the go out in search of jobs & livelihood.”


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