Poisonous Journalism

Journalism, these days seems to be much biased, people with Leftist Ideology or mostly having some kinds of biased Pseudo Secular opinions tends to put forward their own made up one sided news to the public. This indeed is much dangerous to a democratic nation like India since these these false made up and biased news only results in hiding truths and weakening the society.

False rumors are being spread in the name of news and the even more sadder part is that these news are made up with the aim of defaming a particular side, political party and even religion. Baseless allegations are being made everyday which only results in society division.

The BJP led NDA Government should have an effective control over the media in the current day time. For the sake of public harmony government should not hesitate in giving strict notices to such media houses and should also go for banning the biased media houses.

We must always remember that one of the prominent reason behind the World War – II was the Poisonous Journalism. News were published in such a manner those days that the public opinion got ignited and people were filled with rage and anger towards the other countries leading to a mass destruction. India is a very diversified nation so it’s very much required that proper reporting is done along with the presentation of the actual news by the Print as well as the Electronic Media.

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