Dayra – A film looking into Live-in relationship from a new perspective

‘Dayra’, Prism of Relationship is an Indo-Western short film and revolves around the true state of ‘live together’ in modern society. Directed by Ranadeep Sarkar, the film is talking about a live-in relationship, a current fad in today’s world. Produced by Ayanjit Sen and La Pelicula Motion Pictures, the film stars Saptrishi and Mumtaz Sorcar in the lead.

The film which has been shot in Lucknow is promising and is providing a new perspective to the relationship, live-in Relationship. The film is presenting a contemporary style of living where youngsters who are moving away to new cities for education/job issues are willing to stay or share rooms with the opposite sex.

In fact, over the years it has become an acceptable norm in the society, where the young generation views on love, attraction and commitments are different. Through the film, the director Sarkar has brought a slice of life for the new generation and will bring refreshment for everyone. The film provides an opportunity to sprinkle many shades of life which relates to their life t.
No doubt, it’s a big step forward for a young Bengali director who has the talent to deliver thought-provoking films on serious issues. Arin Prosenjit Das who has worked with Versatile singers Shaan, Meghna Mishra and others is handling the music department since music in ‘Dayra’ plays a vital role.

Also, the movie, ‘Darya’ will be available in the Jeeoguru App.

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