GALLERY DE’ HEART by Author Nivedita Roy hits the market

Author NIVEDITA ROY’s poetry collection book, “Gallery De’ Heart” which was released on 15th of December 2020, is available on all the top Online Shopping Platforms like Amazon, Kindle, Play Store, Google Books, Kobo and Goodreads. And along with it’s online presence, this incredible poetry collection is available in the physical bookstores too, across Delhi-NCR & Goa.

Well, this Poetry Book had already received a tremendous amount of love from the readers and now the Publisher, PUFFINS PUBLISHERS PRIVATE LIMITED had noted some really promising Sales-Figures of this book! The Publisher had notified that they’re receiving regular orders of Author Nivedita Roy’s remarkable poetry collection book from all across India via Amazon, also just in the first one month of the book’s release, the book has received an exceptionally great response from the readers across the nation.

Check out GALLERY DE’ HEART on Amazon:

Looking at the great response over this book, the Publisher had ensured to make the book available on Amazon with FREE DELIVERY across India. Very soon the Publisher and the Author will also carry out the Giveaway Program of GALLERY DE’ HEART for the readers and the poetry lovers!

Moreover, a part from recording some promising Sales-Figure the book is also very much successful in grabbing some High Ratings & Reviews on the online platforms; Some of the top reviews to this poetry collection book, GALLERY DE’ HEART are:

A 5-Star Review By Amazon Customer – Verified Purchaser:

“Loved all the poems! They speak to you from the poet’s heart to your heart! As if the poet knows what you wish to say but never could find words yourself! Kudos to your thoughts and expressions, Nivedita! My favorites are life, The long Drive and Equality In Inequality-O Man.”

Another 5-Star Review By D. Krebs – Verified Purchaser:

“What a joy to get to know Nivedita Roy’s beautiful heart through her poetry in Gallery Dé Heart. I have so many favorites!

“You, I and We” – The fleeting and fragile nature of relationships makes the hand holding and walking together all the more precious. This poem captures that feel.

“My Thoughts” – I love the magic found in a person’s notebook writings. Maybe gibberish to some, but they are treasures of love, emotion and living life to the person who writes. Nivedita’s poem expresses this joy of writing.

“What’s My Poetry?” – I love all the musical terms in this poem, and I learned a new one–raga, so I spent the morning listening to Indian classical music.

“If My Soul Could Speak” – One of my favorite poems in this collection. I have read it aloud so many times for the lyrical dance of the words. Nivedita’s soul does speak.

“If I Knew Then What I Know Now” – “I would have enjoyed the sips / Rather than scald myself with gulps” This poem offers so much wisdom and an important reminder for me.

“Taste of Rainbow” – This is such a beautiful poem full of imagery. I love the beauty and senses it conjured in my mind. This poem indeed was a feast of rainbows.

And there are more favorites I could have written about. So many poems that blessed me with challenges and thoughts of gender equality, lost opportunity, coronavirus, racism, parenting, and life in general. The collection, rightly, ends with Hope! Nivedita’s poetry book helps me cling to hope.”

Goodreads Review by Author Neelam Saxena Chandra:

“On the cover page of the book are inked the words “A Scribble that Flows through my Heartbeat”

When I read the poems written by Nivedita Roy in her debut poetry book titled “Gallery de’ Heart”, I indeed felt that the poems are straight from her heart. Kudos to the poet since it’s indeed difficult to pen your first poetry book in a manner that poets touch the hearts of a reader. And these were her recent meandering as she has stated that these were mostly written during the difficult Corona period!

The poet has tried to touch the various themes shows her thought process and the style of writing is wonderful. Though all poems are wonderful, the ones I particularly liked were Sunset, My Thoughts, Secrets, Roots, Corona etc.”

Check out GALLERY DE’ HEART on Goodreads:

Well, these are just a few examples of the love, which Author Nivedita Roy’s debut book, “Gallery De’ Heart” is bagging, there’s long list of reviews for the book on Amazon as well as other platforms like Goodreads.

The Publisher, PUFFINS PUBLISHERS PRIVATE LIMITED is also very proud with the remarkable achievement of the Author and had made some special plans to carry out the Marketing and Promotional Activities for this soulful poetry book!

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