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Interview Background: Author Priyanka Uniyal who recently got her debut novel, “I am YOUR Reflection” published got interviewed by Amazon India’s 4th BEST SELLING Author, Neel Preet, who is also a Book Reviewer, Literary Editor & Columnist for various Magazines & Online Editorials.

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Neel Preet (NP): What inspired you to write this book, “I am YOUR Reflection” also please tell the readers what your book is all about?

Priyanka Uniyal (PU): The book “I am YOUR Reflection” basically narrates a gay struggle to find the rightful place in the society and the reason why did I chose this topic is because I had some personal bitter experiences regarding this. One of a close friend of mine is a gay and I came to know about him very much later. I already observed that he was somewhat different than us but I was not really sure, even he was not really sure about him too. I still remember, it was the time when we were in the 2nd or 3rd standard and he used to get bullied by the students or kids around him for being ‘like that’ but there came a time when, after the long struggle of self acceptance and inferiority complexities he accepted himself along with his family and now he has his ‘beloved one’ too. It took him years to get his self confidence back while accepting himself completely. Now he is completely satisfied with his life and lover too. I believe he got so lucky as not everyone is able to find true love of their life.

NP: Where does this book takes place and who are the Main Characters in your story and what’s their relevance to the plot?

PU: The story revolves around our protagonist Joe, who is actually very wise and emotionally intelligent person and has a completely different perspective and view towards the life. Actually, his surroundings, family and circumstances made him an intellectual. There comes a scene in the book where Joe says to other character, “I m lonely!” then he got a reply, “aren’t we all? Everyone is as lonely as you. Somewhere we all!”. This shows he became an intellectual by his own experiences and the kind of people around him. He felt himself sexually uncomfortable but later realized his true personality when he fell in love with George. The pure form of love he received from George made him complete.

NP: Why do you think that this book will appeal to the readers?

PU: I believe that today’s youngsters are very wise. They know what they are doing. They would understand homosexuality have become a kind of a taboo in our society and would try to vanish this virus of hatred permanently from the society.

NP: How’s your book relevant in today’s society?

PU: As we all know, on 6th September, 2018 The Supreme Court of India decriminalized homosexuality by declaring Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code unconstitutional. It was introduced during the British rule in India, modeled on Buggery Act of 1533, that makes a sexual activity “against the law of nature” illegal and most of the people are still unaware of the fact that what actually happens inside their body. In which manner they are different than us. They don’t even know anything properly but eliminating them from the society. I really don’t understand on which basis people have become so biased and I believe this is the issue of concern. We actually need to talk about this.

NP: Is there any subject currently trending in the news that relates to your book?

PU: As I elaborated before that the Article 377 was introduced during British rule and was still in practice till last year but now people from the same sex can marry and adopt kids. I still remember, that friend of mine, once asked me the merits of marriage between same sex people. I answered I really don’t think if there is any merit. Then he replied if we guys will marry, the first thing is that we would never procreate but adopt orphan children and that would seem the perfect balance of population in the society.

NP: What makes your book different from other books of the same genre?

PU: Through the novel, I talked not only about the sexuality between the same sex people but also about the issue of self acceptance, inferiority complexities, the worldview of different characters and their different perspective of the life, love, romance and relationship.

NP: What do you want the readers to take away from your writings?

PU: I just want my readers to understand them physically, emotionally and spiritually and I want them to accept such people in the same society you are living in. They also have the right to live with respect in your society.

NP: How did you learn about the topic on which your book is based?

PU: Now you know about my friend and also I did deep research about them. I read the articles I could read. I explored the sites I could explore. I met the people I could meet and also I read LGBTQ literature, in which Shyam Selvadurai’s ‘Funny Boy’ and A. Revati’s ‘The Truth About Me: A Hijra Life’ influenced me most.

NP: Is there any particular message from your book which you would like the readers to follow?

PU: Through the novel “I am YOUR Reflection: silence needs to be heard”, I want my readers to understand life, love, relationship and true romance of life. Life is actually too short to nurse hatred in heart. Each and every creature in the world needs love to grow. You, me, almost everyone then why should we give even a smallest place to hate to reside in the heart. Hatred comes out of ignorance and this is exactly what we all need to understand.

Interview Ends!

Neel Preet’s review of Author Priyanka Uniyal’s debut novel “I am YOUR Reflection” – 

A Book with Bold Message for Our Society! Well, this is how I would describe Priyanka Uniyal’s debut novel, I am YOUR Reflection. This book tells you about some unfamiliar aspects of life compelling the readers to ponder over the harsh realities of this world. The more you’ll read, the more you get indulge in the plot.

No doubt that it’s a MUST READ one since it’s altogether a new kind of plot for Indian Society. We have not seen a lot of Writers/Authors being courageous enough and write a plot upon the issue of Gay Struggle! It’s a great thing that the Author chose this subject and wrote such bold words, I genuinely wish the Author very best for this book and I would love to read more of her works. Moreover, the way Author has ended the plot is really appreciable, great endings are key to great plots and it seems that the Author has completely justified this phrase with her Novel, I am YOUR Reflection!

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