Arvind Kejriwal’s false promise which the AAP Government never fulfilled

Now, after 3 years of Aam Admi Party (AAP) forming the Government in Delhi and Arvind Kejriwal being the Chief Minister of the state, the Delhiites feel that the state’s progress has terribly gone down. The hashtag of #AapFailedDelhi was the top trending hashtag on Twitter on 14th of February 2018 when the AAP government completed it’s 3 years of rule in Delhi.

The Delhiites are openly complaining about those big promises like “Free WiFi”, “CCTV Camera Installation for Women Safety”, “Opening New Colleges”, “Controlling the Hazardous Pollution”, “Restraining Corruption”, “Roadways Improvement”, “Shelter Provision to Homeless”, “Improving Public Transportation – particularly the DTC Buses Service”, “Developing Public Toilets” and the list goes on and on, which the AAP Chief Arvind Kejriwal never fulfilled.

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