Deteriorating Bengal – Worsening of Political Conditions in West Bengal

The situation in West Bengal is deteriorating day by day not just in Political Agendas but in Communal Issues as well, whether it’s the Left Government or the Mamata driven TMC Government certain necessary issues rather than being resolved are now worsening even more.

For a considerable period of years it is being noticed that the Bangladeshi immigrants are illegally crossing the border and taking shelter in India by residing in most parts of Bengal which is causing not just Economical Pressure for the state but also a lot many Communal Tensions are now being aroused in the state too. While the state government keeps silent just to use those Bangladeshi immigrants as the vote bank by issuing them Ration Card and Voter ID Cards completely ignoring the Constitutional Laws of the nation and the interest of the state citizens. Sadder part is that most of the political parties keeps their eyes closed to this open secret since they too try the same sick policy to gain rule in the state of West Bengal.

Well, the citizens of the state are the real victims of this vote bank games of the political parties who had ruled or is ruling the state. As these political parties use means like sending goons in the constituencies who threatens the innocent citizens to vote for their political party and this is how the government is formed in the state without the will of the citizens. But the worst part in this whole episode is that the media remains mostly silent and hardly reports any incidents from Bengal as the media plays a big role in hiding the facts which has resulted in deterioration of the state.

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