The Painful Attacks over the Indian Army Jawans in Kashmir

It is extremely painful that every second day we get the news of some attacks over the Indian Army Jawans and on their Camps in Jammu and Kashmir, carried out by the Coward Mujaheddin of the Radical Islamist Groups or by the Local Separatist Groups.
Now, the question is what had the Government done to ensure the safety of our Security Forces? Yes, our Jawans are brave enough to carry out the Retaliation Operations and avenge the deaths of their Fellow Jawans but this is no solution, as we keep on losing the lives of our Brave Jawans in such “Proxy Wars” that too in large numbers!
Will the government bring out a permanent solution to stop the deaths of our Brave Jawans from the Proxy Wars? We are sitting here and reading these stuffs in ease only and only because some “Brave Hearts” are standing day and night to ensure us this safety of ours and those brave hearts are the Jawans of the Indian Army and the Border Security Force (BSF)!

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