Jai Prakash Janta Dal (JPJD) National President, Pankaj Sahay ensured the expansion of the Party into 10 States

The Jai Prakash Janta Dal (JPJD) is a political party in India based on the ideology of Jayaprakash Narayan popularly known as Lok Nayak who as an Indian Independence Activist, Social Reformer, Theorist and a Political Leader. The primary motive of the party is to work for the welfare of the common citizens of India by providing them their constitutional rights.

Jai Prakash Janta Dal aims to solve the fundamental issues of economical, social and political inequality along with the issues of underdevelopment, poverty and the discrimination prevailing in the society. The party has been registered by the Election Commission of India in the year 2002 and has been allotted the symbol of Diesel Pump. The JPJD is a “Right-Wing Political Party” following the vision of JP. As of 2014 Pankaj Sahay becomes the National President of the party with B.K. Singh as the guiding head of the party.

JPJD under the leadership of Pankaj Sahay, contested the 16th Lok Sabha Elections in the year 2014, for the very first time and the party fought these elections on “7 Parliamentary Seats” in Bihar and Jammu & Kashmir. Also, under the leadership of Shri Pankaj Sahay, the party’s growth accelerated and JPJD carried out numerous “Public Welfare Program” to serve the citizens of the nation in various different parts of the country. Furthermore, Party National President, Pankaj Sahay worked hard and ensured the expansion of the Party into 10 States of the country starting from Bihar to Delhi, Punjab, Rajasthan, Jammu & Kashmir, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Odisha, Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand.

Pankaj Sahay is the son of veteran Political Leader of Janata Dal, Kailashpati Ranjan Sahay who was a close associate of Jayaprakash Narayan and V.P. Singh the 7th Prime Minister of India and is known for his active role in the popular JP Movement which took place in Bihar in 1974. Pankaj Sahay took the charge of the party in 2014 and had played a very prominent role in the expansion of the party across the nation and had carried out several political campaigns for the party in the different States of India and associated many new members, social workers and youths with JPJD. He also gave the slogan of “Shanti Sadbhav Shamridhi” to the party.

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