Exclusive Interview of Author Shreya Sharma and Author Neel Preet

About the Book: INDIAN DEFENCE FILES: Volume 1 is a tribute to the Indian Armed Forces. The objective of this book is to “Glorify the incredible Bravery & Sacrifices of the Indian Armed Forces” in various wars, which our nation had fought after achieving the freedom and the aim with this book has always been very clear; The purpose is not just to highlight the Warfare Strategies and the Operations carried out by the Indian Armed Forces but also to make the younger generation & the citizens of India, see our Military & Paramilitary personnel with RESPECT and treat them like the HEROES.

100% Profit of this Book will go Directly to the MINISTRY OF DEFENCE, Government of India, in order to Support the INDIAN ARMED FORCES; This Bi-Lingual book is written in the honor of our mighty Indian Armed Forces by debut Author SHREYA SHARMA and Amazon India 4th Best-Selling Author NEEL PREET. This TOKEN OF PATRIOTISM is available on Amazon with “Free Delivery” across India (Even for Non-Prime Members); Check out this highly rated Military-History Book, INDIAN DEFENCE FILES: Volume 1 on Amazon: https://www.amazon.in/dp/B08TCFK6LB

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Interviewer: First of all, Big Congratulations to you Miss Shreya Sharma on your debut book, “INDIAN DEFENCE FILES: Volume 1” well, you’ve achieved something remarkably huge at a very young age! So, what’s your feeling now with regards to your achievement? Please share your experience about this book.

Shreya Sharma: Thank you so much, this truly has been a wonderful experience, since last year during the lockdown I had spent a significant amount of time working on this book and I knew right from the beginning that it was a major project, so doing it in the right manner was all I aimed.

I truly had a great experience working on this book, mostly learning wise, since there were numerous facts which I got to learn while researching on this book. I’m proudly accepting that this project has been a boon to me in terms of gaining knowledge about our Defence Force and Military Operations!

Interviewer: Huge Congratulations to you as well Mr. Neel Preet for this book, for making your appearance as a Co-Author in this book! Well, this is your third book so can you please tell us about your experiences of this book and how this book is different from your other books?

Neel Preet: Thanks for your kind wishes and I believe that working on this book, INDIAN DEFENCE FILES: Volume 1 is one of the proudest feeling of my life, since doing something for the mighty INDIAN ARMED FORCES and their Brave Families has always been my dream & aim. So, the entire 100% Revenue Generated from the Sales of this book will go directly to the MINISTRY OF DEFENCE, Government of India. Well, at least now I can say that yes I’m doing something in my capacity to contribute for our Military & Paramilitary Forces & their families!

I feel blessed to have worked on a book like this where we’ve had the opportunity to pay tribute to our brave Indian Armed Forces and this is what makes this book very special to me whereas I had a great time working on my other books too, but the pride which I hold from this book is indeed incredible!

Interviewer: Miss Shreya since this is debut book so most of my questions will be directed towards you! Can you please tell us a bit about your writing journey?

Shreya Sharma: Well, I started writing diary since class 8th, even though I was irregular in that but writing always provided me with a sense of relief. I sincerely believe in “Equality” and through my writings, I want to change the mentality of the society and bring justice in the society by creating an atmosphere of ‘Equality among the People!’

Along with diary writing, I also started writing quotes and poetry on sensitive-subjects, with the aim of ending the painful caste & sex discrimination from our society. While in my graduation days in ‘University of Delhi’ I joined a Creative-Writing Society in my college, which gave me an immense amount of exposure in the writing field and helped me to become a ‘Hindi Blogger’ and lead me into writing articles of various themes.

In the meanwhile, I also kept writing my poetry, along with attending and organizing various Writing Events like, ‘On The Spot Writing Contests’ and ‘Open Mics’ in different colleges of Delhi University, which had greatly impacted to me in my writing journey!

Interviewer: Also, Miss Shreya would please tell us about your experience with the Publishing House!

Shreya Sharma: My experience with PUFFINS PUBLISHERS PVT LTD has truly been remarkable and incredible in all the ways, and I feel that it’s one of the best experience of my life, as I got to fulfill one of my biggest dream of becoming a Published Author! This is just the beginning of my writing journey on a professional level and I’m lucky to have a publishing house like ‘Puffins Publishers’ to support me in every possible manner.

While working on this book, INDIAN DEFENCE FILES: Volume 1, I always got the support from the company in carrying out the researches on which our book is based and also the team never put any kind of pressure upon me, which lead me to work with a free and relaxed mind.

What I loved about Puffins Publishers is their generosity and dedication towards the Indian Armed Forces, when my Co-Author, Neel Preet informed me that a complete 100% Revenue-Generated from this book will go directly to the Ministry of Defence, Government of India, I felt so glad and proud to be a part of this noble team. We don’t see a lot of private companies carrying out such hospitable acts and when Puffins Publishers decided to carry out this noble cause of donation in order to contribute towards our Armed Forces, I felt blessed to be a part of Puffins Family!

Interviewer: Miss Shreya how would you describe your learnings from this project?

Shreya Sharma: I always had curiosity in the ‘Indian Defence Sector’ and I’m so blessed that in this project, I was thoroughly guided by my Co-Author, Neel Preet who happens to be an expert in the Indian Defence History! I got to learn various facts about our military force like the kinds of Weapons we possess, about our Missiles-Development Programs, the Military Operations carried out by India and the recent Surgical Strikes. I deeply read and learnt about the various wars India fought after independence.

Through this project, I not only gained knowledge of the Indian Defence Sector but it has also changed my perspective towards our Armed Forces, I now hold a feeling of respect for our brave forces like never before!

Interviewer: Mr Neel could you please tell us about your objective with this project?

Neel Preet: As I’ve already mentioned that this is a very special project to me, so yes everything related to this project is very special. Right from the beginning when this idea occurred to me, of creating a book to pay tribute to our Indian Armed Forces through writings, it felt so right that I went ahead with the first step of creating this book without any delay.

I discussed this idea with Miss Shreya Sharma, who happens to be the primary author our book, INDIAN DEFENCE FILES: Volume 1, and I mentioned her right in the beginning that we would be creating a book with the aim that the younger and upcoming generations of our nation would respect our brave forces after reading this book. I’m lucky that Miss Shreya Sharma immediately understood my idea and she worked accordingly and today I can proudly say that yes we’ve created a book where we’ve portrayed the achievements of our brave forces in a way that every reader of this book will develop a sense of respect for our Brave Jawaans, especially after discovering the sacrifices made by them almost daily to keep us safe every day!

My objective with this book is very simple and very clear, all I want is the people of our nation to understand the sacrifices made by our forces as well as their brave families and respect those brave families who are bold enough to send their children to protect our soil, along with respecting our forces! I wish that the families, without any roots in the Indian Army, Air Force, Navy or Paramilitary Forces would also encourage their children in joining our force in the coming days!

Interviewer: So, coming back to you Miss Shreya, are you currently working on any project and if yes then would you please tell us about that.

Shreya Sharma: O yes! I’m currently working on my upcoming ‘Hindi Poetry’ book and hopefully very soon I’ll ready with my collection. My upcoming book would be a collection of poems in Hindi based upon various themes like equality, justice, patriotism, courage, motivation and a few more, which you’ll find out in the book!

Apart from this, I’ll be again joining hands with my Co-Author Neel Preet for the upcoming volumes of INDIAN DEFENCE FILES, so I’m looking forward to work again with Puffins Publishers Pvt Ltd.

Interviewer: Miss Shreya could you please tell your readers about your inspiration and your future goals?

Shreya Sharma: Well, I observe things from my surroundings a lot and most of the knowledge which I’ve gained is from the situations that had occurred in my life. So, in a very true sense my inspiration is my surroundings from my real life and the common lifetime experiences!

Now, I’m at a very secure position and with this book, I’ve achieved one of my greatest dream but still I would love to be a ‘Lyricist’ in the future as I find that there’s a relation between the songs and poems and those words always strikes me with a feeling to write lyrics!

Interviewer: Miss Shreya is there any message, which you would like to convey to your readers out there?

Shreya Sharma: All I want to say to the readers is to develop a taste for “Patriotic Literature” and read stories and poems on ‘Patriotic Events’ too as working on this project had taught me the importance of “Informative Theories” so please find these contents to read as it makes us ‘Aware Citizens’ and what better way to start by giving out try with our book, INDIAN DEFENCE FILES: Volume 1.

Interviewer: Thank you so much Miss Shreya for your honest opinions and answering all these questions, all the very best for your future endeavours!

Shreya Sharma: Most welcome, it’s been a great pleasure!

Interviewer: Now we have come to the end of this wonderful interview with you two wonderful authors, so Mr Neel would you like to add my final words?

Neel Preet: Yes! I believe that whatever Miss Shreya told right now is very much true, as the citizens of this country we have certain duties along with fundamental rights and only an aware person can understand these rights and duties, an easy way to stay aware is to read informative theories!

We must read “Patriotic Literature” since it makes us realize and appreciate the sacrifices of our brave forces and their families and on a personal level, I want to try and become a “Better Indian” if the readers, reading this book can also relate to me then I’ve nothing more to ask!

Interviewer: Well said, thanks to you as well for wonderfully answering all these questions!

Neel Preet: Most welcome and my sincere thanks to the entire team of North South Block for this interview and bringing us closer with our readers!

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