DEAREST LOVE by Author PRACHI AGASTI hits the Bookstores

Author Prachi Prangya Agasti’s poetry collection book, DEAREST LOVE had finally hit the Indian Bookstores and is available in the Paperback Version on the top Online Shopping Platforms like Amazon and Flipkart too since 16th of July 2020.

The E-Book Version of “DEAREST LOVE: A Collection Of Poems” was already Released Worldwide on 7th of May 2020 while the Paperback came late in the market keeping the COVID-19 Lockdown scenario in mind. Well, the E-Book had already received a tremendous amount of love from the readers and now the Publisher, PUFFINS PUBLISHERS PRIVATE LIMITED had noted some really high Sales-Figures of the Paperback Copies too! The Publisher had notified that they’re receiving the high orders of Author Prachi Agasti’s remarkable poetry collection book from all across India via Amazon, also just in the first 15 days of the book’s release, the book has received an exceptionally great response from the readers across the nation.

Check out the Paperback Version of DEAREST LOVE here:

Looking at the great response over this book, the Publisher had made sure to make the book available on Amazon with FREE DELIVERY across India. Very soon the Publisher and the Author will also carry out the Giveaway Program of DEAREST LOVE: A Collection Of Poems for the readers and the poetry lovers!

Moreover, a part from recording high Sales-Figure the book is also very much successful in grabbing some High Ratings & Reviews on all the top platforms, where Author Prachi Agasti’s book has been listed like Amazon, Goodreads, Google Play Books, Flipkart, Kobo, Google Books. 

The number of Reviews on Author Prachi Agasti’s book on Amazon is rapidly increasing with each day, her readers are excited to go through her book and the Book Bloggers are continuously reviewing and posting the pictures of the Author’s book on Amazon; Some of the top reviews to DEAREST LOVE: A Collection Of Poems are: 

A 5-Star Review By, The Selfish Betrayals  – Verified Purchaser: 

Dearest Love by Prachi Prangya Agasti is an impressive collection of 44 short, meaningful, and heart-warming poems on the journey of love that breathes, exists, and hopes.

Most of us would instantly connect with the meanings that the poetess has expressed. Though she is pretty clear with the magic of words, she has used certain words repetitively.

In today’s realistically animated scenario, many people tend to love with a hidden, mysterious motive behind it. But, the verse-maker has expressed about unpolluted love, the one which has no selfish motives, no hidden agenda, and knows no boundaries.

The numbing agony of unacknowledged lovers has been portrayed scrupulously. The sudden intolerable and inexplicable burden that the overpowering sentiments of a broken heart can have on the individual has been expressed distinctly.

The cover of the book is uncomplicated and the book itself is light, quick yet relevant read. Each poem has a mighty impressive title that attracts the reader to the verse.”

Another 5-Star Review By, Samikhya Aleman – Verified Purchaser:

“The Book – “Dearest Love” is a beautiful collection of 44 poems about love. The emotional journey of lovers are beautiful penned down. All the poems are deep and meaningful. Among all poems my most favourite is – “We Will Know Miracles Exist”, the poem in itself is so strong in terms of words and emotions described that it made me fall in love with the poem. The last line from the poem ” We Will Know Miracles Exist, And Love heals us all.”, is so meaningful that one can connect with it.

Overall, the book will take you through a beautiful journey of pain, love, bonding, relationship, distance which everyone of us feels even for once. The poems though deep in meaning still manages to be simple and easy to understand. I really love the writing style because it makes the read quite enjoyable and light. In short, I suggest this book to everyone, because you won’t be disappointed as it really contains some amazing heart touching poems.”

Well, these just a few examples of the love, which Author Prachi Prangya Agasti’s latest book, “DEAREST LOVE: A Collection Of Poems” is bagging, there’s long list of reviews for the book on Amazon as well as other platforms like Goodreads.

The Publisher, PUFFINS PUBLISHERS PRIVATE LIMITED is also very proud with the remarkable achievement of the Author and had made some special plans to carry out the Marketing and Promotional Activities for this book!

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